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Dismayed Twit

This is obviously satire.

However, I was, admittedly, saddened that Twitterrific would be the only Twitter client (of 3) that I have on my iPhone to fail.

What other clients suffered under the "Twitpocalypse?" This whole thing makes it a shame that the coding for one of the premier iPhone apps couldn't have been better executed.


Kind of annoyed that Icon Factory wasn't forward thinking enough to see this coming. Have we not learned enough from Y2K? LOL


So you must be getting a cut on that twitterific app right shit for brains? total hackery bullshit!


I love the fail whale being held up by apple logos!


"The entirety of Twitter turned their gaze on command towards Apple as their savior, the one sole entity that could deliver them from the clutches of the Twitpocalypse on black Saturday."

You've got to be kidding here, right? Please tell me it's a spoof and you're just having a laugh! ;)


Your satirical twist on that overblown day of Twitpocalypse micro-hysteria is so well done. You managed to capture the dumbness of that one app crashing in perfect order as it happened. The exaggeration of tweets making the twitterrific crash seem like some real catastrophe still has me LOL!

"Cashmore's perfectly timed tweet of destiny..." is just idiotic. Well done man!


Granted, I agree they could write about the Twitpocalypse. But the whole article was a bunch of biased, overemphasised writing, praising people for doing something wrong.

Yes, it wasn't clearly as simple as 2 lines of code...but almost every other application managed it.


I'll admit that the title of this news post is inaccurate and misleading. However, Twitterific was the biggest (but not only) example of a Twitter client that was affected by the Twitpocalypse. With over 40,000 apps in the app store, many which are undergoing revision for the impending 3.0 release on Wednesday, it was a rather gracious move on Apple's part to update (the free version) of Twitterific in record time. You'll note that the paid version of Twitterific is still in limbo.

Additionally, Twitterific stated that it had attempted to adjust the program to compensate for the Twitpocalypse. Somebody clearly made a mistake...so thus, it couldn't be as simple of task as editing only two lines of code.

I've got my own issues with IPS...I downloaded the Trek-like communicator, and found that it wasn't "dead on" to the series...and feel now that IPS's report on the program was a paid advertisement. So for the record, I'm not blindly supporting IPS or its editorial views. But I do think it is note-worthy to write about this event called the Twitpocalypse and how it affected one of the most popular iPhone Twitter clients.



I agree with what you said. This is just a hype. Read my blog about this. "Rant: Apple, our saviour!!!" This is a big stunt, to publicise twitterfic and apple.


This is interesting that it almost seems like Twitterific is the only iPhone Twitter client.

That's not the case. Beside Twitterific isn't the most popular either. Checked App Store?

I have no idea how Icon Factory pulled off this stunt but they must have a lot of people on their payroll.

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