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You seem to have got the niche from the root, Awesome work


I am not sure if Bryce is acting or not But I went to college with Bryce and his study was aviation and he was flying planes when I graduated.


I can tell you the stories may be real, but the people probably are actors.....in fact they are, I attest to that, in my e-mail box right now is a e-mail from a casting company who searches for jobs for actors, entertainers, etc... I received an e-mail about a new iphone commercial that is to come out with a woman in it advertising the iphone.


Where have I seen Bryce before? Was he a contestant on some reality show or does he just look like someone else?

David Manning


I wrote my own experience as an airline pilot with a two-week-old iPhone into the Apple "tell your story" website, and they cast "Bryce" for it. I was actually bummed they didn't even offer to fly me in to see if I could play the part. I signed a NDA but really wasn't involved in anything, so there is nothing to tell. In reality:

1. The flight was Dallas/Ft. Worth to NY La Guardia
2. I accessed our intranet-hosted company weather site, WSI, from the cockpit while waiting to be released to takeoff
3. I fly for AA
4. I got three calls from people involved with the ad campaign...the first wanted more info. They were "intrigued" by my story. I told them all the details. Then an ad guy from NY called, faxed a non-disclosure agreement, and never called back.

My wife and I get a laugh about it all, and I guess I missed my fifteen minutes of fame.

Samuel Winke

Kristin has been blogging since sometime in 2005 using her Sony Ericsson S710. Looks like she upgraded to the iPhone to do a better job of it.

In yo face Sony! Booya!


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