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hi pliz help zune phone


Apple is a set of shiny bullsh**s designed for users like paris hilton. You can't sneak up on the apple like you do with windows or linux, you can do only what the mighty apple allows you to do!




Most Mac users are only vaguely aware of the Zune's existence. :) For all you Microsoft lovers, all you need to do is google "Zune Sales" and you'll see how popular the device is, heh heh.


who cares. ipods are great and a zune might be to. i would rather have an ipod because all these mp3 knockoffs just dont meet the ipods features and originality. not saying that the zune sucks but ipods win over all mp3 players, (zunes are still good though)


zunes rule


have you ppl heard what some ipods have done to ppl
ppl that have an ipod be carefull cause i heard
that some ipods can explode on your hand or
something like that so i rather buy a zune:)


iPod are "ok" but i like zunes better especially since i get to have one soon!!
people only says ipods are better because they're more common -.-


Zune rules You guys suck. Did you even HEAR of the features in the zune!


you guys diss the zune all you want but i love it and i can't wait for it to come out... i'd be the first to buy it

Matthew Drol

i would like to say that i do like the ipod, i used to own an ipod until it got stolen, but i feel that this concept for the zune is better looking than the iphone, i am also exremely annoyed by apple's adverising campaigns that totally mock microsoft. so what if pcs get viruses, i'm pretty sure if you gave me a mac i would be able to fluff it up within about two hours of using it.


Microsoft RULES!!! I hope the Zune Phone Dominates Apple's iPhone!!!

Mitchell Morales

My name is Mitch. I like bannanas!


i like boys

fashion and marketing retail student

i dont understand why many of you are saying these people are fighting over the dumbest thing. well you guys seem like the dumb ones because i study marketing meaning its obvious i know why they are worried and that is because they think if ipod finds out they are going to want to keep competing. Right now zune is not in such well conditions to keep up with the battle. an example to make it easy to understand is if your selling lemonade in front of your house and all the sudden you see your neighbor is now selling too and is making more money than you its so natural your gonna want to add something better to your lemonade, make the prices cheaper and make other types of drinks just to attract the people and make a lot of money from it. then your neighbor sees what your doing and copies everything from you. now people are in between choosing if your better or your neighbor! HELLO THATS CALLED COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!for girls when you see all the pad/tampons sections you know very well your going to pick the most popular not one you never heard of....its why advertisement exists...see i know marketing!!! hopefully you all understand now...i feel zunes pain...


i like girls.




i am so going to buy this when is comes out!! this is way better than the iphone!@#$%^&*


this would be amazing! forget ipods. zune just hasn't quite stuck there foot in the door. im waiting for zune to become the next ipod bc ipods are a huge ripoff/mistake. zune is way better. from an ipod owner and current zune owner


Protip: Apple fans are afraid of and know that anything Microsoft releases will demolish and crush anything Apple produces, in overall terms. The lower-IQs will stick to their fischer-price computers, and simplistic, over-advertised mp3 devices with a silly 'i' in front of it!


Yeah, I really love how all the iPod-huggers can't accept that there is, in fact, something better out there then all-mighty Apple's shitty products.
Seriously, do you really need to bitch about 22 hour battery life? Do you listen to your mp3-devices THAT much? Christ.


You guys just mad that u guys cant afford an ipod!!!! First all, and that why they call it aa iphone if u want to hear music and talk on the same gadget, use ur mind sum time


The proper spelling William is Micro-tards. That describes Microsoft retards who leave commnets but have no clue how to spell or what they are tallking about. I ruv Zhune... Macro-surf needz to make moore of doze.


I think most of you need to learn how to spell Micro-Soft. Not "MACROSOFT" Also the Zune does have alot more to it then the Ipod I am getting a 80Gb here soon if Micro-Soft comes out with a Phone I will get it.


Ive got the ipod and my good friend has the zune but rite now were doing a research project to see which is better sites like this is not good for any of us any time i try to look some thing up ppl from Microsoft always bashing the ipod with ipod suck, i hate the F**kin ipod but i think that these are inside ppl from micrsoft just not wanting competion. I just think that everything about the Zune and the ipod are awsome. Honessly its my speling that really suicks!


HAHAHA wow.... u guysez have no life though I must say zune rapes Ipod in the bummy bum chipmonk style


i agree i hate the xbox but macrosoft is awsome and the zunes defenetly not just a fluffing mp3 its a really cool mp3 with alot more abilitys so once again LONG LIVE MACROSOFT AND THE ZUNE!!!


thats looks so much better then the iphone or the ipod touch the ipod touch and i phone is a piece of shit and a rip off the zunes have a good worenty better memory eficientcy ect. they so gonna take over. i belve macrosft has that ability.


that is a grate zune


that is a asame zune

Night is an idiot.

Night is an idiot. Try reading next time.


To Steve Ballmer:
What a slap in face, huh! Maybe you should do something with your mouth. How about, say, stitch it up so that no more trashy talk would come out of it!


I hope the Zune phone won't look like that...


i think microsoft should release a counter-attack commercial with the same 2 actors where the mac guy goes "hey wanna go shop for some cool sweaters PC?" and the PC replies "uh, yeah, that'd be fun if i wasnt so busy running the WORLD... sorry mac."


U suk, zune rulez and ipod suck


personally i dont like fan boys! but i have to give props to all fan boys except apple ones cause apple fan boys try to destroy the competition with a bunch of attacks on the smallest things.
when apple makes a huge mistake, regular people barley hear about it.
if another company makes a small mistake, apple makes a huge deal about it that all people know about it.
yes im talking about those commercials attacking microsoft lol.
i still think windows suck.im a linux fan!!!


Whoever wrote this article is a dumb piece of crap. Those images of the zunes..they are just some photoshoped pics of a zune fan who thinks it would be a good design if there was a next zune generation...get your info right. And no I am not a zune freak or ipod drooler, because they are just mp3 players..not my life..


I'm happy that Zune has made enough of an impact out there to be spoofed. SNL spoofed iPhone and now Zune gets a low budget, country-ass, home brewed spoof of it's own. We gotta start somewhere. BTW, I think the outpost rulz!

get a life

it's a fluffing mp3 player. get a life.


Wow, its sad that 2 brands cant get along. Shizzle like this doesnt help it. Poopyholes like this and zune sites that bash ipods are horrible. Just shut the fluff up and let it go. Frigtards.


competition is good. think about it.


you guy's stink
long live microsoft!!!!

Dan Tracht

I love how insecure Apple entusiasts are that they have to worry about a little competition.


I love the outpost.

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