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Lol, and you say he's bad at spelling... iPud? What's that?


Matt spells like a first generation noob! He's not that awesome and neither is Microsoft. Long live the iPud.


I own a first gen zune and it's awesom. The iPod sucks, Micrsoft always!

not really

Except the fact that the zune is not going after touch screens or the iphone yet. the zune ( 1st gen ) is actually selling the best out of all mp3 players on amazon. I have an ipod and the new 80 gig zune and to be honest the ipods scroll wheel often makes it take longer to get to a song I want to play. There is no excuse that they don't have an FM tuner and the fact that the zune comes with :
FM tuner ( with song + artist support )
Wireless sync
Xbox360 compatability
windows media center pc automatically downloading tv shows to it
3.2 inch screen vs the ipod classic's 2.5
In-ear headphones for free ( they actually are quite good quality )
Sending songs to eachother etc.
FOR THE SAME PRICE, it's really a no brainer. With the first gen at 80-90 dollars the zune is getting big. Welcome to the social, whether you like it or not.
PS: The touch is a joke, 16 gigs for $400? You can buy a laptop for less than that. The touchscreen simply hasn't hit it's price point (less than 250).


Zune looks nice and its new functions are great but iPod still is the best. Nothing compares to the iPod interface, usability and design, although Zune really seems like a good product. Have you seen this iPod Touch ad made by an user? http://www.weshow.com/us/p/21278/home_made_ipod_touch_ad
It shows in less than 30 seconds why Zune is good but an iPod is an iPod. Period.

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