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music is an inspiration for the soul, rejuvenates us, helps us be better. We should make many of our daily tasks to the sound of music

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look up hotel in dubai "fish in hotel lobby"
the article says that they replace all the fish every 2 weeks, they die.


I sat sobbing as I stared at my iPond the entire time I listened to Andrea Bocelli singing

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Apart from that, consider the music playing just below the small tank.

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"I'm concerned that over exposure to Fergie for example, will result in a slow and painful demise for fish inside an iPond."


I breed bettas. This is beyond wrong. John i see you are one of these people who feel they only need a cup of water to be happy. many people believe this due to a misunderstanding of how rice paddies work. People dont seem to get that rice paddies are HUGE and while the level of water is low they have miles to swim in. The ammonia fom the fishes waste would pollute the iPond in about a day. also these fish have a labyrinth organ, so the need to be able surface for air.


Everyone who thinks that Bettas do well in tiny spaces is dumb... like 'John'. Bettas don't have ears, but they have a sensitive lateral line system like all fish, which detects vibrations to help them look for food and escape from predators. So, yes, they WILL get disturbed by music! Soon, someone will invent the iCage, where you can stuff humans into a 3ft by 3ft box! And John should be the first to go.


They need more whater than that you idiot. At least 2 gallons! How would you like to be forced into a room with very little oxygen, not enough room to turn around, unbearably loud noise, oh and you have to shit there too. Oh wait.. its also where you eat. And are the people buying this going to ever change the water? i doubt it. Those fish wouldnt last more than 2 days.


your all stupid ...siamese fighting fish aka beta splendens do not need/want very much water to survive, if only people done some reserch before shouting their mouths off.

however i can't comment on the 'music' as it is probably anoying even though fish have NO ears!


it is horrible,

can't even tell if it is real, can't see how it could be, but,

look up hotel in dubai "fish in hotel lobby"
the article says that they replace all the fish every 2 weeks, they die.

and then again, go on youtube and try to see some animal cruelty in asia (nothing against Asia, but it just happens to happen there)
then come back and add to the cruelty list.


I can't believe that people can be so selfish and stupid. I guess that tank is closed, so the water doesn't have enough oxygen for the fish, and that it shakes a lot because it is carried in bags. Apart from that, consider the music playing just below the small tank.

I guess it should be banned, but knowing that kangaroos can be shot for their fur and their babies stomped to death in Australia, I think that won't happen.

animal luver

That is the worst kind of animal cruelty!!! How would you like it if someone kidnapped you from your home, stuffed you in a box where all you can do is sit up, NOT STAND, and then blared music so loud you vibrated all day? And maybe into the night? It got humid in there and you started to suffocate, and then it got so hot in there, you died. Would you like that? Didn’t think so!!!!

Someone has to do something!!!!!!!!

Whoever created, sells, and buys this stuff are animal cruelty idiots!!!!

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