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Hmm...the defective Zune? I've had my Zune 80 since its launch date and it works flawlessly. That Zune pad works perfectly and if anything, I personally find it much easier to use than the click wheel.

If I ever wanted to give someone I think of lowly a gift, I would give them an iPod so they can deal with the slow and buggy software known as iTunes and with that small and very easily scratched screen. In the meantime, I'll keep the glass screen on my Zune and the backing that although not shiny, does not scratch at all.


"the Zune 80 has had all kinds of manufacturing issues with the metal parts and the squircle."

Huh??? Where did you read this? I've never heard of any manufacturing issues with the Zune, other than crap that Apple lovers make up. Can you reference this?

My Zune 80 works flawlessly - including the Zune Pad.

I wish I could say the same about the iPod I had. The hard drive failed in it, forcing me to look at the Zune in the first place. I'm glad I made the switch.


Newsflush! Ryan is a bit overwhelmed with his Zune squircle jerking. It's iPod or die trying to be one.

Vinney G.

Yo Ryan. it's NEWSFLASH !!! you can't do anything right like that zune hump


Sucks when people can't accept the fact that the ipod isn't the BEST in the world. The touch is an unfair comparison. Fanboys from any camp are just PETTY! The Zune 80 turned out to be better than you can handle. Read the reviews and check USER opinions (sorry,..........your god is DEAD!) Even Sony picked up the pace and sounds better than BOTH (just not a high-capacity competitor - AND read the reviews and user opinions). Zune isn't far behind w/sound quality. OOPS,.......... You said it best bro - Ouch! Dr. James gots pwned. Score one for Ace of spades yo!


Ouch! Dr. James gots pwned. Score one for Ace of spades yo!


Ah spoken like a true ignorant iFan. Actually, "iPods have been criticized for their short life-span, fragile hard drives, and planned obsolescence. A 2005 survey conducted on the MacInTouch website found that the iPod had an average failure rate of 13.7%. It concluded that some models were more durable than others. In particular, failure rates for iPods employing hard drives was usually above 20% while those with flash memory had a failure rate below 10%, indicating poor hard drive durability. In late 2005, many users complained that the surface of the first generation iPod nano can become scratched easily, rendering the screen unusable. A class action lawsuit was also filed. Apple initially considered the issue a minor defect, but later began shipping these iPods with protective sleeves."

c|net, yahoo tech, PC magazine all say the Zune 80 is better than the iPod Classic. iPod Touch what? Let's keep comparing like products - you cannot make that comparison between Zune 80 and iPod Touch (even though the Zune offers a worthy alternative)

Source: Google it biotch!

Dr. James

Uh... Breaking News Ryan- the Zune 80 has had all kinds of manufacturing issues with the metal parts and the squircle. iPod's record is flawless. Why are boys in Seattle working on the Zune instead of men like Apple has?


newflash, the zune 80 is better then the ipod classic (which is the actual device the zune 80 is competing against, not the ipod touch). And its not really close.

You want to show someone you think very little of them give them an ipod classic who's design hasn't been updated in years.

apple doesn't have a high storage media player that is good for watching videos--MS does. what does apple when the boys in seattle have only been doing portable media for about 2 years now?

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