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Free funny.......hehehehe

The iPhone Savior

Gary... you've managed to misconstrue our brand of failed, hack journalism aimed at elevating the lowest common denominator as thoughtful news reporting. We don't shoot the photos of Apple fanatics performing dumb people tricks, we simply exploit them.

We are not fat haters, nor do we hate Steve Jobs or the Apple brand for that matter. In fact, most of the iPhone Savior staff are gravitationally challenged, unemployed misfits. We adore all that is Apple, choosing to point out the fanatical insanity that the cult produces. A random seagull attack on a toddler captured with an iPhone, now that's news!

If there's no iPhone news then we're thrilled to completely make it up. We're willing to fabricate, twist and distort any concept worthy of our gaze. We've mastered the art of turning lemons into lemon piss, then filling our water balloons with that piss so we can bomb the known universe while we belly laugh out loud. We invite the world to laugh along with us. It's really that simple.

Gary Allen

OK, for the record, this photo came from a batch that was downloaded from an Apple store's iPhone display models, and then posted on flickr. Then the employee who did the posting was fired for doing so. Second, aren't we way beyond posting "fat" jokes, especially at the expense of some identifiable person? Are we 10 years-old? Kick Steve Jobs, kick the stores, but give the working stiffs a break.

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