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Hey guys, check this.


Don't be drinking anything when you do or risk damage to your monitor.


? Lyons has since posted several follow-up articles with his regular cast of characters that ring truer to his razor sharp whit, containing much more of his classic bark and far less lethal bite. He's chosen to dial it down a notch, for now.

Yes I noticed that as well. I am going to be posting on why some of his schtick worked as FSJ and just doesn't work as RDL. I would write it today but considering that RDL dedicated a whole post to a hobby satire blogger claiming that my blog was "devoted" to bashing him, I will wait a few days before he thinks I am his iJustine or something.

His comment has me nervous though. Did Violet Blue think I had some kind of thing going for her when I posted twenty times as much about her than Dan? eek! Oh nooooosss!

The whole thing would have been less pathetic if he didn't mention my blog name and then go "ahem" as if it were serious. And he isn't even blonde. And this from a guy who had a blog pretending to be Steve Jobs - I really think he doesn't have much room to "ahem" anyone.

But you are right some of the posts later that day were much more in line with satire and not visciousness. Personally I think he feels spurned that El Jobso didn't call him. :)

Give it a couple of days, and I will post a bit more on the Dastardly Lyons. Plus, the last few days of July are set aside to meditate on Steve's Glamour Shots photo.

So when do we get to start talking about how fat Ballmer is?

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