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The ultimate Zune fan. I actually own both but can't decide which to tattoo on my arm!


What is he saying now that the Zune HD is out? It is about 500 times better than a iPod touch- even if there is a lacking amount of apps. It is smaller, and much more user friendly. The software is much less confusing than iTunes, and the Zune HD can't be snapped in half with bare hands like the iPod touch.
Plus there is the Zune Pass. I don't see apple coming out with unlimited downloads for all of their loyal nerds anytime in the near future.


I picked up an Ipod touch once. It burned my hands. ZuneHD is far superior.


I've only interacted with a Zune on one occasion. It wasn't pretty.

I was in the car with an old friend who now works for Microsoft. Of course he would have a Zune. I tried to change the song on it... and not only was the interface slow and non-intuitive, but after 10 seconds it crashed and froze. Couldn't even be turned off.

It was terribly disappointing. My iPod touch, on the other hand, is amazing, and there is a (free) app available for pretty much anything, including translate Chinese.

Matty B

Wow, it's amazing to watch the spectacle of this man and his obsession with gadgets. He's the poster child for obese Americans: hypnotized by vacuous technology, all the while his body ballooning out of control. The real issue is not whether this or that company manufactures the niftiest toys. The real issue is that Steven Smith and more than half of all Americans are fat-ass nerds.

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Apple is the tonka toy of the computing world.
Ipod os for sheep.
Zune 3.0 Software rules all, and every feature a fanboy will say is useless, yet they are the ones getting shafted by their God er Steve Jobs, and yet they state we aren't being treated well? Wifi Music Purchasing BEFORE APPLE, Audio book capabilities, games. Nuff Said


Hahaha, that's freakin awesome. I can't believe this dude is for real. Is there a super iPhone tattoo guy?

Partners in Grime

Check out the App Store. Most of the apps run on iPod touches.


So he did go over to Apple .. well I for one don't expect him to be getting anymore fan tattoos. But him being a outrageously eccentric type of fan, hopefully he'll change his entire diet to nothing but Apples in honor of his newly found love for their company (and for his health's sake).


The Microtards boned you on that trip bro. They should have stood by their plan and rolled out the red carpet. You rock!

Constable Odo

I loved the Zune Guy's betrayal. I welcome him to the world of Apple and iPods. He finally saw the light and sipped the Apple Kool-Aid. His life will definitely make a turn around. Haha. I had a good time commenting on Engadget about the article. I had commented yesterday that he should go out and get the most expensive iPod Touch and he darn sure did. Maybe he can become sort of an official Apple spokesperson and turn all those diehard Zune and MS users into Mac Switchers.

Steven Smith

My last comment about the Redmond Trip was the to me, confirming a date and telling me that they will email me the ticket confirmation number does seem like it was more than just an idea.

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