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Patrick Allen

I think this is one of the most brilliant histories in the world. If i will rich I will buy this app.


a windows mobile version in on ebay right now !!!


the whole app is stupid, she is an idoit.
what a way to waste that much money.

if she likes pissing money up the wall, give it to me or a charity.



People are actually trashing other people for thinking this story is actually plausible.
What if iPhoneSavior had reported that there was an iPhone app that you could download; and all it did was display a glowing piece of poo, that said "I am Rich"? ...Oh yeah... and it cost $1000, and people were actually buying it? You people would be saying "what kind of an idiot would believe this story. It's an iPhone Savior spoof".
That chick's name may be made up; but she's real enough; times-8!


I say photoshopped

Rip Ragged

Nice piece. It's a shame for all the idiots in the world that they're being unfairly painted with the same brush as people who bought "I Am Rich."

That kind of stereotyping is unfair and bigoted. The people who bought "I Am Rich" are not idiots. They're a**holes.


she IS a moron. she bought a $1k program that does NOTHING and cries about how people say the truth. you can't sell an app, so essentially, she payed a $1k stupid tax. "like trendy shit" my ass. of course she has the audacity to knock vista, which is not anywhere near as bad as people think it is.
pass the blame, the stupidity and the mean-ness to someone else. that's the american way.


tech-heads have no understanding of art, sad.


It's fake of course...a Norom who just happens to drive a Smart car...right...I'm guessing her new boyfriend's name is Joe Toidi??

If this were real, she's a real moron/Norom to go public and become the FACE of the FOOLS who bought the crap-app. Small wonder bad things happen to her twice a day...


The idiots are the ones who bought the app, after reading that it has not other function than the red jewel, and then complained to Apple about it. If you can't read the description, don't buy.

Personally, I love Ms. Norom. She's taerg!


You people got no idea how many things are in fact worthless much more than this, but you keep giving money thinking you're being smart while paying for even stupider things by far and now make fun of people actually paying for something you'd never pay in your life, 'cause you think you're smarter than those people - everyone got a right to choose how they'll spend their money.. I bet half of you spent some money on nothing in your lives and now come here judging these people, who might have millions anyway and another 1000 is nothing for them, while you can't pay for your next burger at burger king lawl


If she can afford a iphone and it's monthly bill, she won't be totally SOL from that 999.99 bill

thinking that an item that's 999.99 is a joke then actually purchasing it is just stupid. maybe if it was listed for .99 it's something to play around with


I personally loved the idea of the I'm Rich application, but I never expected the shear hypocrisy surrounding it to be this astoundingly amusing.

People wholeheartedly hate the application -- like it ate their grandma, but the creator did nothing wrong. He sold, basically, a $1,000 image. And people everywhere cried fowl because, apparently, broadcasting your wealth is taboo in the Apple iPhone software market.

Despite the obviously hypocrisy in the fact that the iPhone itself is considered a display of wealth, much like other pricey Apple creations.

Lets not get started on our hair cuts, cars, houses, clothes and jewellery.

So whilst people bitch about the consumerist ego-gloating I'm Rich application, maybe they're just a little sour they don't have another $1,000 to drop on proving their material wealth.

Well done.


Oh sure they are just people with lots of money. This whole article is a spoof. In case you didn't notice by now, Debbie Norom's name spelled backwards is Moron. If you fell for this story, then you are the idiot.


Ms Norom is a moron, indeed.


I found several people on google with norom as a last name. Are they morons too?

Juan Paquete

She could totally sell that iPhone as on of 8 original "I Am Rich" pieces of digital art. Some other idiot is just waiting for that opportunity to happen. Someday we'll see that same iPhone in a museum valued at over $100,000. Debbie is hot!

Michelle McCormack

That Norom name is a joke, right? Norom = Moron backwards...


Well, she actualy is right. Although she can't sell the app itself, she can sell the phone. Can't she?

Neil Boden

Who is Christoper Johnson? Is he a literary critic or just another johnson? Smart Car for a moron... rulz!


Auction the app on eBay. I mean, only 8 people have the thing, you're bound to at least break even.

Free Apple Gear

Haha. That's great. They deserved it.

Christopher Johnson

If this is satire, it's a pretty lame effort.
Satire only works if it exaggerates reality in order to spoof it. Unfortunately, in this case, the true facts (i.e., the actual existence of the I Am Rich application)are far more ridiculous than the pathetic invented character that has been been presented here. If you can't come up with something that is more ridiculous than the actual reality, you have pretty much failed as a satirist.


NOoo you are NOT stupid.. You are unique, pretty and your car makes a statement!!

- "A grande Skim milk sarcasm please"

rug rat

Just in case this isn't satire, then good for you, Ms. Norom! Spend your money however you please, and don't apologize to anyone.


I don't think the people who bought it are idiots. I mean, if you've got $1000 to waste and want to show off, that actually seems like a pretty good use of your money. The guy who created the app is a genius.

If that girl actually thought to ebay the iPhone with the app on it, she's definitely not an idiot. That's a pretty good idea, and she's right in thinking that she'll likely land more than $1000 for her auction.


If this is real, which I doubt, I'm still not convinced that Debbie Norom is not an idiot. What good is that program, even if nobody can get it anymore? Besides, it's easy to get the same functionality with wallpaper spoofs or launchers on the home screen to image spoofs. I don't see "I Am Rich" as a beautiful piece of art. It's very simple, anybody could make it really.

Don't get me wrong, I think the app was a great idea--as a scam to get quick money from IDIOTS who are willing to buy it as a status symbol/"art". But I think it was the developer with the great idea, not the people who bought it.

Juan Paquete

This is about as perfect as satire gets. Genius because it's so plausible. Jeff and Anon are just mad because they gots got pwned. Don't hate!


Uh, this site is called the cult of iphone news and SATIRE. Believing this article was true would be like taking something on The Onion seriously.

Jim McDosh

LOL< give it a couple of weeks and you'll be able to download an identical program for FREE. What idiots.



This is stupid.


her last name is moron backwards (norman)


Um, has anyone else noticed that the chick's name, Norom, is MORON spelled backwards? C'mon now.


Another buyer was Mr Elohssa.


This is satire, morons.

It's poorly executed satire, but come on.


There is no way this is real.

Constable Odo

Norom spelled backwards is moron.

I'm not making fun of her. It's just the way it is.


I'm sorry (this is my first time to this site) but, this story is a spoof; right?

I know all about the "I am Rich " thing, but... I mean this woman isn't real, right? This story was written as a joke?

She drives a "Smart" car... And look at the car! Hell; pterodactyls have bee extinct for a while, as far as I know.


I don't understand why noone remarks on how it looks like a bejeweled HAL. She been pwned by HAL!

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