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This ad is shown ten times more than the microsoft ads. What a hypocritical ad.


Hello it's me again! Your friendly neighbourhood Apple do-gooder!

No...attempting to take the high ground when you read a blog that carnally beats down M$ over pathetic reasoning just doesn't cut it unfortunately.

You just come off looking a little, well anal and arrogant.

Sorry Emo dude No. 2 Sean you are obviously a little incomplete also when it comes to marketing.

'Get a Mac' doesn't even talk about Macs...it just beats on someone that doesn't even retaliate. Isn't that the fundamental definition of bullying??

Quote: Apple is not the neighborhood (neighbourhood dude...spelling...shesh) bully here. They are the cool, artsy emo (Emo with a capital) kid that Microsoft bullied mercilessly in their formative years. Apple never cried uncle (I’d hope not, Apple’s U is a creep), they just grew up and got better.

Are you honestly attempting to make yourselves believe this verbal diarrhoea?

M$ bullying Apple? How, when, what?

How's Apples bullying tactics going with Pystar?? That’s all happy land with lollipops and candy canes! Wow mummy look a chocolate dog, can I go eat him?!

When was the last M$ ad that bullied Apple?

How about how Apple bullies its own Sheep that buy its products and deletes their forum posts if they have problems or how it charges nearly double for clearly the SAME hardware? Apple Tax.

So, now we've CLEARLY spelt out that you two have zero idea about what you are talking about...can we just a little one? Just a little iNuthug...please...I'll be gentle...so nice...so shiny


My knowledge of testicle related slang was obviously incomplete. The updated ratio of iSheep to iPhone Savior testicle references now stands at 5-1. Good odds of a gonadal fixation in any book.

As an aside, you could always improve the quality of your writing by seeking out obscure perineum slang.

iPhone Savior

An indepandent panel has verified the numbors Sean tallied to be accurate, confirming that iSheep has created an ovious testicle spectacle. Use of the term "tea bagging" may hafe been more effectiv.

The panel is still attemptimg to verify Sean's claim of simple speling errors.

Brilliant work Sean. That took some balls!


Quote: I'll be the one yelling; "Kick 'em in nards dude!"

You really don't know your anatomy hey iSean.

I am just trying to put forward a nicely well thought out and cohesively put together argument to help 'you people' see the M$oft light.

Now please embrace it and gimme a iNutHug...so nice...


References to male gonads in the original iPhone Savior story 0, iSheep's comment 4 balls and a nut.

Simple iSheep spelling errors 4: 'Maketing', 'woudld', 'beleive', 'definately'.

Microsoft started this conversation by responding to Apple's 'Get a Mac' ads. If iSheep is typical of Microsoft's advocates, perhaps they should just have remained silent.


Right...so you are an iExpert are you?

Maketing guru huh? So Apple spending all this time, effort and money on kicking MS and not talking about their products...priceless.

No wait, hey that costs MONEY...wow who woudld have thought huh?

Can you beleive it. Apple actually has to spend millions and millions of dollars to NOT talk about their products and bash MS.

Dude you are so rad emo bro.

Why don't you go and kick someone in the nuts like you so happily would like to as you seem to have a penchant for mens balls.

Maybe you'd like a good long ball feel huh?

Microsoft a bully...could be.

Apple a conniving, controlling bully...definately.

So go grab ur friends iBalls and have a long long feel.

Oh dude my balls are so nice and shiny...so Apple...maybe you'd like to kick them...so nice...kick them again...ahh

Jon T

Good take! After all these years it is SO good to see it all out in the open. No amount of marketing will give back the appearance that the Emperor is wearing anything!

So, one wonders what it will take to see Microsoft do anything meaningful to right the unmoving, rolling, sinking ship.

Meanwhile Apple is sailing along strongly with the wind abeam and a bone between its nose...


I do enjoy your site and am always surprised that you don't have more comments. Give it time I guess...

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