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He parks in a regular spot whenever he is there early. He could have a private covered spot, I am sure, , but he is NOT a douche.

Again. It is private property, he parks there when he gets in a little late, and trust me, its a hike for a good spot after 10 AM.
If you had a Handicapped spot in your garage, and your friend parked there, would you Tow? I bet you would.

I also drove my AMG ( Thanks Steve : )) without a plate for 2 years, out of pure procrastination, though Steves secretary drove a Bentley for a while.

I should have been a Secretary!


He parks there because he interprets the sign literally.

The sign denotes parking for the chairman.


Upon further research, Jobs had a problem with people stealing his license plates off his car so the state gave him a special scan-able plaque that is displayed on his windshield. As for the handicap parking, Jobs has had numerous health issues over the years and it is not beyond reason to believe he has a permit. Sometimes the handicap identifier is placed on the license plates which Jobs has frequently stolen so it must be part of his car's barcode.

Honestly? The guy gives us an alternative to Microsoft and we're following him around looking for any reason to crucify him. Next time you accomplish something with your life, let Steve jobs kick you in the nuts so its even.


I use a "gentle reminder" when I see a car parked in a handicapped parking spot without a placard or plates - I put a copy of the application form for disabled parking under the windshield wipers. If it's someone who is disabled, but forgot to put up their placard, they've been reminded without confrontation. If it's someone who is disabled, but doesn't know how to get plates, they now know, and know the legal criteria. And if it's someone who shouldn't be parking there, they've been gently rebuked.

BTW, I am a wheelchair user.


>IMO, If he'd stop being a douche and parked in a normal spot and walked a few extra feet each day he probably wouldn't look so unhealthy.

You think walking few extra feet will help him recover from a pancreas cancer and surgery consequences … ?

I don't stand him for his behaviour, but try not to be such an asshole …


I never thought of being rich as a handicap... perhaps a form of mental illness.


Doesn't matter if it's private property, you can get ticketed and/or towed for parking in a handicapped spot. I doubt anyone cares enough at Apple to make a big deal about it though.

IMO, If he'd stop being a douche and parked in a normal spot and walked a few extra feet each day he probably wouldn't look so unhealthy.


its private property. he won't get a ticket. typically the security guards would call a tow truck but apple security guards know its Steve's car and do not call it in.

as far as the plate, i too drove for 3 years with no plate on my new mercedes and never got pulled over. Police must think its a brand new car and dont really trip


I had friends who worked at Apple back in the old days, and even back then, he was parking in the handicapped parking spaces. He considered the ticket price part of the cost of driving.

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