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Greta Marie Felix

it would only have a few glitches if you droped it and it had a cover on it.

Greta Marie Felix

I want to know your address so I can send you my idea fokr a new mack book. It would have a removable camera built in, vedio chat camera , speaker, michrphone, scanner,it would cost $20.00, and a removibal ink trash can. I really want you to creat this mac book for me! If you could I would be a famous 11 year old saying at bust buy that is my creation. That would make a great christmas presnt because I know that you arn't a greedy person.


Thanks for the link love :)

iPhone Savior

"Start out simple and keep simplifying until only the core remains." Very good point Brian.

Nice catch on MacBook versus iBook. My wife still uses my iBook G4 it's bulletproof and she loves it.

Brian Deuel

"It's surreal to see the original iMac and white MacBook lining the walls of the earliest Apple Store."

Even more surreal, considering the Macbook didn't make its debut until 2006 :)

I know you meant iBook, but yeah... it's always interesting to see Steve introduce something like it was a product. The man is truly a super-salesman. The design is pretty much the same except that it's been simplified... an Apple trademark. Start out simple and keep simplifying until only the core remains.

I think we could all learn from that lesson.

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