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I Have A 2G 4GB And It Works Fine On 3.1.2 And Everything Else. The Only Thing 3g Has Is GPS But I Found A Way To Get That! 3g's Is Ugly, Funny Shaped And Big. I Like My 2G The Only Think I Need To Do Is Get More GB. So Keep Upgrading For Nothing Just Do A Little Research Instead Of Taking Something Someone Gives Or Sale You Or Because You Saw Your Friends With It And Bragging! I Also unlocked 3.1.2 For It in A Few Sec.. To Me All Iphones Are The Same And Will Do Almost The Same Well What I Need!


I picked up on this story from another source yesterday and noted a rationalization that, since the 3G phone performance wasn't up to par with the original while requiring more for monthly service, the action was jusified. What BS. Since when does over-charging and under performing cause for degrading another's quality of service? I would understand DROPPING edge support but to devolve? What horse crap (if true).


I pay my iPhone / ATT bill every month. Since ATT has lowered my service with this action, it would seem that my bill should be equally lowered. Since they did this secretly with no notification to me, it would appear that the fundamental dishonesty of the phone companies continues alive and well.
ATTN: ATT! I like my iPhone well but that new Blackberry looks very good.
Let's see now ... just in case the ATT management has forgotten: That is spelled V-E-R-I-Z-O-N.


Who still has a 2G iPhone?!!?!


If that is true, it would seem to be a nice class action lawsuit.


at&t could not possibly deliver fewer bars than they do now. Zero is the lowest number of bars you can get! It doesn't matter whether it's 2G or 3G, or where you are in the country, their network is sh*t! When compared to their European and Asian counterparts, it is clear that at&t are a bunch of amateurs!

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