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Height Weight Chart @ HWC

WAooo its charm of new technology.:)

Weight Chart


good job stealing scorched earth and not even mentioning where you got the idea for this anywherefdfddf


Nice, but would you like to check my newly developed iPhone file managing application?


iphone developer

iShoot is an incredibly addicting game. Great app, i'm really not surprised at its success.

iphone developer

Its truly amazing to see iPhone developers become rich off such simple apps. I have read several stories like this. Smule especially has made a small fortune off their iPhone apps. It will be interesting to see what other apps become an overnight success in the future, helping small developers make big money. Nice article.


Thank you for the motivation to continue forward.


Lot's of people here seems jealous of the guy. No excuse is going to heal your corrupted soul ^^.

Ehtan youre the Man ^^

iphone developer

A lot of games these days are very simple and making people rich at the iTunes app store. Its almost like a gold rush for iphone developers. Awesome article!

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Kai Wright

is anyone an iphone developer? please let me know. i'm a digital strategist at an agency.

jesus h christ

I wonder what game this retard will steal next.




Shake the 'HATER' dust from ya boots and keep on step'n kid!
Blaze all the way to the bank and when you get done make another cool gaming app and do it all over again.

LOL.... I love it!!!
Good old fashion American Entrepreneurship at it's finest!

trevor hoffman

we all have that dream. but you cant plan for it seems as much luck as development sometimes. hope those reading it can add to the story one day.



well this nothing but a game called tank on computer.. exactly same concept and even the same bombing strategy and even the missile names are same...

Russell South Carolina

Man I hope the saturation is far away. I feel the market will definatly become saturated just like many other successful industries. I am creating my first app this month and it should be out in 4o days from that. Hopefully it's not to late to get a piece of that pie!

xsdfsdf sfsdfsdf

learn to read

"That's roughly $21,000 a day for this $2.99 app after Apple takes its 30-percent stake. Nicholas attributes iShoot’s meteoric rise to the release of his ‘Lite’ version, giving millions a free chance to experience the thrill of launching tank artillery. It’s important to note that a $2.99 price point was no barrier to the ultimate success of iShoot. [over $600K net]"


Yeh good job stealing scorched earth and not even mentioning where you got the idea for this anywhere.


Wow, that's quite the success story! I hope iphone developers can keep making unexpected hits like this, they're quite an inspiration :)

iPhone Applications Developers

This really is a great app. We made a couple of iPhone apps too, and they sold good.


happy for ethan

Congrats to him and screw the nay-sayers. They're just pissed they didn't do it. It's easier to post negative cr#p on a messageboard than to develop even simple software and it's not like Sun's prospects right now are enough to keep anyone there coming in to work these days.

They're probably all a bunch of disgruntled Sun employees that had to pick up his job after he bolted.

Leroy Frederick

Lets hope he can keep it up and doesn't end up just a 1-hit wonder!

Good wishes to him, and if your reading, do your homework and use the money wisely ;)



I downloaded the Lite version, played it for 10 seconds and instantly liked it so much I bought the full version.

Good on him. This games rules!

Here's hoping for more weapons and more levels in a future update/expansion...


10,000 downloads a day, and it sitting in the top 5 for some time now. All in all, he will most likely net well over $250,000 even if it drops off the top. But once on the top, hard to get you out of the Top 25. You have time in the number 2 spot, then #5 spot, etc, etc. So Ethan, save the money and develop more games. Can you say lifetime residual.


Won't be able to live off it? There are people who live off 30,000 a year supporting a family. In my opinion, he struck it rich. If he were to develop four games a year that had any kind of similar success, he would be pretty damn wealthy.

Sequester McKinney

Ethan is extremely blessed. I love the game. Awesome job Ethan!


this is an amazing game and I'm totally addicted to it. i think it's a great idea to release lite versions esp for games and if people are interested they would buy the full version. Worth every penny spent....


haha what a noob this income will not last very long. i hope he is saving all he can, but he still won't be able to live off of it.


Oh you poor children who only remember the 90's. Games of this sort were available for Atari, Commador64 and Apple][+ all the way back in the late 70's / early 80's, and they were free with the computer then. The concept is completely public domain now, and there is no legal or ethical need to give props to anybody.


So if I understand correctly - this article is about how the iphone will be seeing a lot of this new type of marketing where some lite version is free to encourage buying the full version? We should come up with a name for it. It's almost like sharing software in the hopes that someone pays - so I would recommend the term shareware. Though this is on apple so I guess it will have to be iShareware.


Brilliant marketing? Hello Apple developers, welcome to Microsoft's marketing strategy for Xbox Live Arcade... 3 years later.


Funny, I just bought it this morning. It had been up in the top 25 apps for a while and looked interesting. It's basically why it caught my attention.

Goes to show the importance of being in the Top 25 apps!

And you definitely hit the tipping point. Once you got in the rankings, sales came in.

Hopefully your next app will be just as big a success.


I'm glad this guys app is a success, but I think quitting his day job is a bit rash.

Yeah, his app is doing well, and I'm sure this story is going to help it more, but what happens when the next big thing comes out...

I'd recommend to him that he keep his day job and keep working on iphone apps after work!

Mr. Mystere

Tagging along to the i-word system is very nice, like registering a domain name in the early days. Maybe he will give some money to Doctors Without Borders.


Congratulations Ethan, well done on trying something new and making a sucesss of it.

To all who whinge about paying triburte to some 90's game or whatever, you have got to give Ethan credit regardless of where his concept came from.


Scorched Earth? Fun game, but gorilla.bas came first...


Yes, I agree with Btk. This is based on an old tank game that was created in the 90's.
Though, I don't know whether or not Ethan gave credits to the original creation ...


scorched earth. anyone?

John Davis

Wow, pretty lucky dude. It is a cool game though!



This seems to be based on an old computer game called "Scorched Earth" (early 90's I believe?) -- and then there's Team 17's "Worms" series..

Give credits where they are due, Mr. Instant Success...

Robert Cockerham

I am incredibly jealous. Brilliant marketing, that light version. Many developers would be too cheap/stingy to try that tactic, (myself included) but it obviously paid off! Beautiful!

I'm trying to imagine making $10,000 a day.


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