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Steve Jobs could put an apple logo on a brick and sell it as the iBrick @ $1000 and people would still buy it! I dont know why people buy into all this marketing rubbish.

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I dont know why people are do obsessed with Apple - or any other technology releases for that reason. Pre order them a week or so in advance or order online then go down when there is no queue...easy!

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[.......]Terrific post, Ross! Very interesting to actually see with your screen grabs how those sites have evolved.
Keep up the great work and remember us little people when you take over Australia. :-) [....]

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Hi Mathew, I'm glad you finally got an iPhone. I remember you mentioning you wanted one but had a Blackberry for work. I'm a big fan of the Panorama application... and Bejeweled 2.

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Have you seen SeeClickFix? Tim O'Rielly mentioned during the Citysourced presentation. Launched over a year ago with mobile app, website, and free data feeds. Lots of users and governments participating already

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The server will dynamically make the content work -- same content, same point of origin -- on the iPhone. We do this with the HTML 5 tag, in many ways."

"We're translating the content to support the MPEG2 v8 [decoder] format [of] the iPhone; we're moving it to their adaptive streaming format."

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Second, Apple had several Billion dollars in cash in the bank when Microsoft bought that stock. Microsoft didn't "save" Apple with that stock sale. $150 million was a drop in the bucket. Apple had enough cash where they could have stopped selling anything and still stayed open for several years.

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I agree, we must give freedom to glow and make them happy so – what they like, if it is not

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You can even submit the following Feed URL’s as your site map in Google webmaster tools.

Feed for your entire site: you have been inspiring to me with the post and all!

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oh yeah and also, is it better for my hair if I just use a curling iron or the damage is the same

regardless of tool?


that's awesome you can curl your hair with a flat iron!

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great article. i’m curious to see a page full of the icons of the most successful apps and be able to compare what they have in common.

JC in NC

In support of the recruiter (not that support is needed! He/She is doing a great job defending by himself). Look at what's happened to several of President Obama's picks for important jobs: derailed due to lack of indepth background checking. The recruiter speaks the truth....


Quote: "WTF!!! You want to dig through my garbage can??"

As a matter of fact, yes I do.

When recruiting a potential candidate, I will do whatever it takes to investigate them, including looking through their trash. Laws in every state permit me to legally do so, once you put it out on the curb. I can and I do look at trash, quite frequently, in fact.

Think of it this way... If I, as a recruiter, recommend a person for a $150k job and he/she is hired, it is MY credibility, not the employee's, that is on the line. I made the recommendation and I am the one standing by my recommendation, and the employee.

Companies pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars knowing that I will bring to them only the absolute most qualified candidates. Nothing more, nothing less. With this in mind, I can and I do take EVERY step possible to FULLY investigate EVERY potential candidate, long before I even contact them. This includes all online communications, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, eBay feedback, Amazon reviews, other online forums, etc. It also includes finding all web sites they maintain (or ever maintained) and reviewing them in detail, including all past archives. Lastly, as Mr. Meyer discovered, it includes searching for and reading ALL publicly-posted online storage documents for their content. If Mr. Meyer made the choice to exercise the right to post documents that are 100% open to the public to read, I reserve the right to read them.

You may think that my company's approach is a little too much, but it is absolutely on par with the rest of our industry. We would not be as successful a recruiting firm today if we were to lower our screening standards, even by a small amount.


Bob Knorpp

Thanks for the trackback on my photo of frijole! For those interested, I have lots of photos from the opening.

Neil Anderson

Look at that customer line! Whew, good thing we're in a recession.


Wow recruiter is an ass....


Anonymous recruiter, thanks for alerting me to this issue.

I had stored a number of files in my Public folder, which at time time was locked down, in the course of my previous work at the store. I had also used my iDisk for--horror--moving music between computers, or being able to access it at work.

For the record, the folder contents have been deleted and the folder locked down.


"i decided to take a quick look at his iDisk... JUST FOR FUN??!" WTF!!! You want to dig through my garbage can??


He looks like a nice enough guy and certainly has solid experience. But, after reviewing his resume, where he lists his .mac email address, I decided to take a quick look at his iDisk, just for fun. I was pretty shocked to find some confidential Apple material (IMEI and ICCID info on PUK-locked iPhones in the Apple Store where he worked) as well as a folder containing commercial music, probably stolen. There are some other questionable things there, too. They definitely raised a red flag and would concern me if I were hiring him, particularly for a position such as which he is so actively pursuing.

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