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Disappointment is an understatement. I just upgraded my Sirius XM account in anticipation of this app - shame on me. I should have waited. I am enjoying my Kindle app for the iPhone though. Seems like a similar opportunity except that Amazon saw the light (more book sales at the expense of a few less Kindle sales). This is the trade-off Sirius XM must consider, but in the end should be good for them and the consumer.


I was waiting for this to be approved. I have three Sirius accounts, I will now cancel two and give them this as the reason. When Sirius/XM pulls their head out of their ass an helps get this approved, Ill reactivate some accounts.


I bought an iphone just to get this app. Can anyone recommend the email addresses to contact apple/sirius at so our voices can actually be heard?


How exactly would this help SiriusXM's revenue problems?

You already need to be a subscriber to use it.

I seriously doubt many will go out an buy an iPhone and subscribe based solely on this app, at least not enough to make any difference.


Mel Karmazin and Howard Stern need to get this app fast-tracked ASAP! I hope they are aware of the situation and how this app could help with their revenue problems. Since the company wasn't forward-thinking enough to come out with this app on their own, they should embrace NiceMac's version NOW and not lose any more time! It's killing me that Ralph is enjoying a beta version while I can't! : o

Do the NiceMac folks have any idea how soon the app's apparent copyright issue(s) will be resolved and when we might be able to, at last, stream SIRIUS XM on our iPhones (which is one of the first things I tried to do, via Safari, when I got my iPhone 3G back in July)?

Thank you so much for your efforts, NiceMac! Do you have (or can you create) a mailing list to alert people when the app is finally in The App Store? I'm one of the people here who searches the store for it every day. Would rather keep the disappointment to a minimum and just get the good news when it's available. : )

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