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I have verizon now, and I absolutely hate it. My phone always brakes, and it is like pulling teeth trying to get them to replace it. I *had* the 3g for about, 3 or 4 months, and I am not some rich snob who can afford great luxuries, but I thought I could swing the hefty price of the plan. Well, luckily for me, I had a discount for where I worked for att so it worked out well (or so I thought). ATT told me I would be paying $60 for a really good Iphone plan, but, my phone never worked, as service was abysmal, and my plan was $100 plus a month, regardless of whatever the jerks on the phone told me. When I complained about it, they told me I could pay a 175 cancellation fee, or I could suck it up, however, they weren't going to even try to replace my phone, despite the lack of service, and they weren't going to credit me, despite the fact that they told me I would be paying 60.
This is why I would prefer verizon over ATT. Though the costumer service isn't great, I can get what I need done done, and though they might charge tooth and nail, they follow through with their promises.


I got to agree with Keith. I had a Verizon phone before my iPhone, and while coverage might have been better, they nickel-and-dime you to death for every last little thing you want to do with your phone. I can't imagine what iPhone life would be like under Verizon--there would probably be a $0.50/mo surcharge for every app you've got and free apps would probably be nonexistent--they'd likely tack some $0.25 fee on every one.


I have always had great service and great customer service from ATT. They replaced a 10 month old RAZR free, with a 10 minute phone call, then an 11.5 month old Palm Treo 650 with a five minute phone call. I switched from Verizon and so no difference in performance, but get to keep left over minutes, and the plans cost the same. 3G coverage in South Jersey is good.
Maybe ATT is offering a no service phone to prevent possible future law suits. However, since it is locked, one could make they argument that it does not qualify as above, but I am not a lwayer.


The iPhone was offered to Verizon. They wouldn't give Apple the free reign that AT&T has done with the iPhone's feature set - in fact, Verizon is the most feature-locked-down carrier Stateside.


I for one am still trying to figure out the motive in going with AT&T in the first place (for the initial US distribution of the iPhone.)

It obviously went to the highest bidder - not the best provider of service - in the US.

As for AT&T's customer service - well if truth in advertising were applicable to department names within corporations, it would be called "customer lack of service" or "customer-we-could-give-a-damn" department.

I've been an AT&T customer for over two years and have had an iPhone since day one. Now AT&T is begging me to renew my contract and there's NO CHANCE of that happening. My obligation to them is now done and I won't sign on for another contractually committed two years.

Why put up with AT&T's lousy coverage and mediocre service? I don't want to hack the iPhone and this is the only legal option... that's why. I do keep a cheap, pay-as-you-go Verizon phone in the glove box for emergencies where there is no AT&T coverage! When anticipating going into an AT&T "no coverage" zone, I've often call forwarded the AT&T number to the Verizon cheapie just so I could get the incoming calls. (The forward arrangements take place at the CO level and do not require contact wtih the iPhone at all once the instructions are entered into the system.)

Doesn't matter if I'm in Downtown Phoenix in an elevator or somewhere up near the Four Corners area en route' to Colorado, the Verizon throw-away cheapie phone works almost everywhere and certainly everywhere the AT&T phone does or does not!

I am looking forward to the day Apple can cut a deal with Verizon and I can finally get my favorite phone on the one network I can trust. And oddly enough- although the prices are a bit higher - Verizon's customer service isn't too bad, either. Miles and miles ahead of AT&T, to be sure!


work for at&t much Steve? while your handing out those prizes... I'll take an iphone plz.


Ward Schemer: Schame on you.

No, better yet: You take the prize for the most ridiculous piece of verbal overkill this year.

No better yet: That prize goes to the writer of this column who was silly enough to repeat your quote.

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