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Josh Downing

Many people around the world are currently rating the newest applications for IPhone. The Iphone phenomenon is extending rapidly and you are able to find thousands of opinions, comments and rankings everywhere on the web. Now, if you already have your IPhone, the next thing to do is find the proper apps that suit your needs. Most people tend to choose all those apps related to video, music and photos, because IPhone holds all kinds of entertainment in one…still, if you want it to be a part of your working life or of your life as a student and want to be virtually present everywhere too, here is a list of applications that can make your day.

1.- Air Sharing: Left the information at home? Never again. No need to take your laptop everywhere. With this free app for file storage, you can transfer or exchange your files via wi-fi and carry them with you all the time. Files are accessed from the same program (compatibility with a huge amount of formats). Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.
2.- Wikipanion plus: How many times have you needed a definition, a date, biography and other specific information and there is no PC around? With this Wikipedia browsing application for IPhone your problem is solved. All the knowledge from the web into a hand-sized gadget. Direct connection with Wikipedia servers, so there is no no third-party servers fuss. Automatic search while you type and the last visited page opens from when you last left the application. It supports searching and browsing in more than 75 languages. Great app!
3.- Tweeter: Scaled down version of the Twitter for IPhone. You can update your status remotely, view direct messages sent to you or view the public timeline. Very nice interface. Upload images and show the world what you’re doing instantly. Great for sending a picture when words don’t seem to help for descriptions.
4.- Skype: All Skype functionalities in your IPhone. You can call and chat with all your skype contacts. No extra voice delays (it uses an AJAX interface). If your contact is not online, you can still call his mobile or landline. Good for saving some money.
5.- Fieldrunners: While commuting, a very good way to kill time and help your eyesight as well (games which involve lots of eye movement help distinguish contrast, a capacity that people start to lose as they grow older). This Tower Defense game has free content updates. The idea is to defend and control the field using a big selection of upgradeable towers and lots of tactics against your enemies (thousands!). Try to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the Tower Defense Master. Very entertaining and probably the best game for IPhone so far.

Technology is advancing so fast that I am sure that when this little article is published there will some new apps already in the market, waiting for new users and their ratings. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the good ones that we have already discovered which are making our lives a little more pleasant everyday.

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