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@Scott Hudson: Why would Apple promote a service which bypasses the iTunes store, and give consumers LESS incentive to purchase music? The fact that the streaming radio apps exist is a major win, IMHO - but don't push it, by asking Apple to promote this potential loss of revenue for them, and for the record labels.

Scott Hudson

Some of these apps they choose to promote are ok and look fun on the commercials, but are for the most part useless after a few minutes of play.

I don't get, though, why they don't push the fact that you're no longer limited to the few gigs of music you can load on it. Push the radio apps that not only play your local stations but those all over the world. Push the personalized stations created by Pandora, Last.FM and Slacker. Highlight how Simplify Media allows you to play ANYTHING in your collection - my 32 gig iTouch now "holds" over 50,000 songs!

Even jumping on the tweet bandwagon would improve these promos.


That Howcast app was pretty cool. Didn't know about it, I love the video apps on the iPhone.

Constable Odo

It seems there is an app for just about everything. With 30,000 plus apps, certainly an awful lot must be covered. I'm glad Apple didn't say there was an app for EVERYTHING. 'Just about everything' is safe.

I guess Palm will be able to say the same thing with it's new PalmOS emulator for the Pre. The only problem so far is that there is no Palm Pre.

Jon T

It's one incredible machine. And I think the world is finally waking up to that.

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