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"In the battle for monthly fees... do not underestimate AT&T's sneakiness!"

Huh? My sister just switched from Verizon because her only option for text messages was 20 cents for each received/sent message or $30 unlimited (2-phone family plan) At ATT she was able to get a $5 package for each phone; something that was not available with her Verizon account. Her monthly family plan fee was less and includes rollover. The deal was sealed.

iPhone Savior

By offering a basic (highly sought after iPhone feature) like MMS for photos and video it benefits at&t more to lock in a fixed monthly rate than a per use service. This ultimately means more guaranteed money when you're not using that service. People who don't use text now and I know a many, will feel compelled to go with a bundle to send photos rather than per use (whatever that fee will be).

My point is this, what looks "right" on the surface actually brings at&t the massive benefit of new recurring monthly revenue not guaranteed otherwise. Many people will up their plans to cover more use for photos and video. So free is not exactly what it seems. I call it sneaky.

Thanks for chiming in Bill. Much appreciated!

Bill Weinman

How is "no extra charge with an SMS plan" worthy of your snarky sarcasm? If you don't have an SMS bundling plan, why would you expect MMS for free?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to bash AT&T -- there's no need to bash them for doing something right.

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