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John home

Who cares about Howard stern. He is an idiot any way. I'm glad he is not on Sirius.


I think I will get it, just because Howard isn't on it.


OMG, who gives a shit about Howard Stern! Wasn't he popular 10 years ago? Dirty talking old men are not attractive! YuK


Just signed up for Premium Online and there is no Howard. Dumping this asap!


I just signed up for Sirius Premium Online and installed the app on my iPhone. However when I attempt to sign in it fails and says Basic Account Restrictions. I've verified my account credentials because they work when I sign in through the web. I've contacted Sirius and they were no help. They basically said it was a problem with my phone and not them because all they could do was verify that in fact do have Premium Online and my credentials are correct. Beyond that there is nothing they think they can do. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Just purchased Pocket Tunes for $6.99. Howard was on my iPhone in a matter of minutes! However, you must already have a subscription w/ internet radio included, w/ your user Id, password etc.


you can stream howard with pocket tunes...$9.99 for the app and works like a charm.


Shekhar - Thanks for the heads up about Pocket Tunes. Got a new car and didn't have Sirius was DYING. Actually considered having the dealer install it for $500 but, don't have to now that I have Pocket Tunes!

Thanks for the tip!!!


Yeah, I remember Howard talking to someone who writes apps and sends them to Apple. They mentioned this app coming out soon and even Howard sounded excited about it. Way to drop the ball, SIRIUS. I now lump you guys with the creators of the Palm PRE as the two biggest disappointments of 2009!


Nicemac....Howard did talk about this app. I can attest to having heard at least one conversation between him and Ralph about this.
I agree that it is SO lame that I can't get Howard. He is the ONLY reason why I got Sirius. True, I do enjoy a few other channels but Howard is the money maker!!


No Stern = No interest. Epic FAIL!


I hope Sirius goes out of business! I really do! No NFL play-by-play means they are completely worthless. They must know that everything they don't give is exactly what people want to hear.

I'm positive that 95% of their subscribers subscribe for the services they do not offer on the iPhone or online.

To say this is pathetic would be far too complimentary. Thanks for allienating your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sucks. no Stern? what's the point?


The sports play by play isn't available online, I don't think. I do think that leaving Howard off is a bad idea, though I don't listen to him, but the lack of live sports is more about the leagues than the service.

Luke Tenley

i will use the app everyday. i think i have listened to stern maybe once since getting the service 4 years ago. i listen to ellis everyday so this will be a great app when im not in my car.


Wow... that is the fastest I have ever downloaded and deleted an app within the short time span of 2 minutes. At fist, I thought buying the Pocket Tunes App for $9.99 was a huge mistake a few months back. Now, looking at the colossal mistake Sirius has made with that flop they released this morning, I couldn't be happier.

Sure, I like listening to commercial free music, but I have Sirius for one reason only: STERN!

And, once he's gone in a year and some change, I am done. This poor choice with the Sirius XM application being released without Howard, and basically every other channel people actually subscribe for, will prove to be a monumental stake in their coffin in the next couple of years.

PS Sirius, if you think giving us garbage like the Playboy channel is going to make up for there being no stern, or sports, no one gives a SH^&T


The only reason I bought my sirius subscription is to listen to Howard Stern. I was excited about the notion of finally being able to listen to him at work, but Sirius will only broadcast the music channels over the phone? What gives? This company is destined for bankruptcy as soon as howard leaves.
Nobody cares about the music channels. We have Pandora for that. It's much more customized to your own taste than some generic sirius channel.
This is an awful business move... I am very dissatisfied with this BS company at this point.


The streaming feature through the web allows access to every station - I quite like it and definitely think it's worth the $2.99 service fee (which requires an already existing subscription to other services). You can get internet only access... but I think it's closer to $10 a month.

There is a minimal version of the service that isn't as great of quality... and maybe doesn't offer full access to content... and I believe is free to subscribers. It sounds like the iPhone service is targeted only at the tier of "premium" subscribers who pay $3 extra for it - which would make sense.


Honestly, Sirius/XM are about more than Howard. Yes, I understand he makes up for about 80% (Or more) of their listenership...but they have such other, amazing programming! Everything on this service is better than anything FM has EVER had to offer! Try giving these other stations a chance. As far as the link to itunes...give it a chance, this is the first release (No, I don't work for them).

That being said, this is all on AT&T anyway so it's not like you'll have consistent reception anyway.


If you want Howard on the iPhone Pocket Tunes has been streaming all the online channels for months. It's a one time cost of $9, but well worth it. I listen on my bus ride into work every day. And if Sirius does ever go under Pocket Tunes has hundreds of free internet radio stations which are just as good if not better than the music channels on Sirius.


Stern did not talk about this App. He talked about StarPlayr which never was released to the public.


I agree. I got the app this morning and was flabbergasted to see no Howard.

These guys are tools.


After months and months of waiting and even Howard himself talking about the app, the fact that they released it without Howard's channel has me convinced this company wants to go out of business.


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