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Nice app for a trek fan - not the real communicator sound board effects but who really cares, next you'll want to communicate with the real Enterprise NCC-1701 or else you'll want your dollar back!!! Like uncle Bill says "get a life"!!


Will it ever be back? I want to try it!


Not bad and the closest you'll get to a communicator on the iPhone, learn to love it!! However, the boys at CBS have pulled this off the iPhone app site and now it's gone - you people who had this and deleted it - HA.


It will still be in your iTunes app cache if you downloaded it.
So you should have no problem reinstalling it.

Paul Gray

I bought it, loved it, then it screwed up and when I tried to download it again, the iphone store says it's no longer available in the united states. wtf? I already paid for it!!!!!


Not available anymore :-(

2 B or Not

Really hope they add more to this app idea is cool, but would have liked much more...



you spend a billion bucks on an iphone & contract and then moan about a dollar!?

....go figure?

Paul Wren

Should have read the comments before buying... very disappointed. Only lost $1 though, so lesson learned.

iPhone Savior

Must Read Update from "Star Radio Communicator" developer Anton Antokhin:

To everyone upset with the sound effects in the app - sorry. However, the great news is that we've just updated the app with brand new authentic sound effects and it's in approval with Apple right now. So everyone who already spent a buck or will be spending a buck on the app will be getting a new version with the ultra-realistic sound effects shortly. Thank you for your patience from the app devs at talkndog.com


This app is more about the total experience for me than it is about the exact sounds that some mega Trekkie geeks seem to require. Wouldn't that infringe on Star Trek copyrights?

Bought it! Love it!

Al Gore

Star Wars vs Star Trek Thread!

Al Gore



Damn it! Not the sounds I was expecting. What a waste. I want my money back.


Why does zaphold and adfas sound like angry developers trying to kill the momentum of this genuinely cool app? hmmm. I spent a huge $.99 and dig this for the right reasons.


What a waste of money, especially if you have an iPod Touch... there aren't even any real/recognisable Star Trek sounds...


Stay away! This has no real star trek sounds, and is therefore in my opinion, junk. I will be deleting it off my iphone and giving it a one star..

Andrew Riley

With the new voice controls, they will just have to figure out how to make it dial home when you say "Kirk to Enterprise".

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