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Eliot Davignon

Wow, very informative! I am a Sirius subscriber and was just about to buy this product. If it means a RE-subscription...ill just wait.

Scott T.

I just received this device for a Christmas present. The givers knew I had an existing account with Sirius and assumed this device worked on their network. After installing and trying to activate, I learned this is XM only and could be activated with a new XM account and an additional $13.00 a month. This is a complete deception in advertising that the FTC should investigate. I asked the tech rep at Sirius when to expect this device to work on the their network and he did not have a clue other than saying it might take 3 months or 3 years. This is complete BS.

Jason S.

This ALL a load of BS this is only an XM Skydock -- if you are a Sirius subscriber this will not work for you.


I am a Sirius subscriber and was excited to see this product for my travels on the road but when I purchased it and tried to activate it I found that it is all a lie. This product only works for XM radio -- how they can get away with calling this a Sirius XM skydock is unbelievable?!!

tarjeta r4 nds

Fast phone lots of great features. The camera is good the internet is fast. There are lots of great aps that use the new features well.



This would be more for people who do not have an XM Recerver buil-tin their car, or they are looking to replace that current external XM Receiver that they already have. When I did have my SkyFi3 working, it did add alot of clutter and the dock was not very nice. I hope this dock helps keep the clutter down. Luckily it charges your phone, so you are not taking up an extra port. However, how it handles calls remains to be seen. If it was hands free and worked like a speaker phone, that would be ideal. If it doesn't, might be better to get a used iPod Touch and use that for the SkyDock as a dedicated receiver.

Brian Festa

So let me get this straight. Sirius wants me to spend 120$ on a dock, when i can already listen to it on my car, and my computer but still can't listen to stern on my iphone by it self. This is so ludicrous i think i may just cancel the whole account and go podcast willy jones.


It would suck if someone stole your Dock. 120.00 for a Dock. Would gradly pay 50 since the iPhone 3G is only 99.99


I wonder what the Antenna for the Dock looks like. My XM Radio broke last month. Using Pocket Tunes in the Car for now.


Has it been confirmed that Stern will be available in the SkyDock?

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