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I agree with Doug. The early iPhones and iPod Touch were never intended to support navigation. But I think you should get your money's worth from it at least by buying a ipod car kit so you can hardwire that work of art loaded with all the thousands of songs to your factory car stereo. The best place I've found one is at www.mypodcarkit.com. I installed one for my neice before she left for college last year and I still get texts telling me how awesome having her ipod in her car is.

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I own a TomTom One (bought in 2007) and I never experienced a similar situation. Yes, it takes some time to recalculate a new direction especially in narrow streets but it recover within a minute or two at the worse.

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So apart from not the app not supporting the touch or most iphones, the mount doesn't even include a suction cup or vent mount I can use in a rental? And the two together cost more than a GPS? Thanks, but no thanks.

@doug: read, please. The mount includes a GPS receiver.



The point of the article was to point out that because the car kit has its own GPS built-in there is no reason why the car kit combined with the app should not work with 1G iPhones and iPod Touches.


I'm trying the TomTom car kit out with Co-Pilot UK and my 3GS. So far it seems to be working fine (although it's hard to say whether I've got enhanced GPS - I don't know if that depends on the TomTom App). The handsfree is good, I get in-car charging and it's the sexiest car mount I could find. I was happy to pay the price for the extra features (over a dumb mount) because of course, Co-Pilot is much cheaper.


A ridiculous notion. Given that the ipod and 1G iPhones do not have GPS built in, this article makes absolutely no sense to ding the company for not supporting devices without GPS.

However I do agree that the solution is price for such a simple kit.

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