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So who's the dumbass now? Are you jealous of all the droid users yet that can actually use their phone to make calls, in addition to being able to run multiple apps better then the eyePhone?


Ditto what steve said. Hype + Long release times != good product.


The iphone ui is borrrrrriiinnngg! Battery sucks, and it's not a true smartphone.
I would like to download what I want on my phone without having to jailbreak the friggen thing! Fine itunes, the ipod and the app store are cool it still doesn't take away the fact that apple dictates what can and cannot be loaded to the phone and a vast majority of the apps are pointless which is way out of hand. The phone could've been a true monster, but the fact that apple has handcuffed users into using only apple approved apps and content is just plain greedy.
I've had all three iphones and I'm sick of the games that apple plays with it's customers I think I'm done with the iphone for ever!!!!!!!!!!!



Enough said!


I own the iPhone, but I like that ad. I get tired of Apple's use of happy-go-lucky pop music, which is mocked to nice effect here.

Mike Higdon

Droid, just because people are talking about an ad, doesn't mean it worked. An ad does more than make people aware of something, which sure us talking about it accomplishes. But if an ad damages a brand image or product, it's not very good. This ad is cheap and non-sequitor. It tells me absolutely nothing specific about their phone and everything about the iPhone. This ad only strengthens the Apple brand. I didn't know it was Motorola until I read it in the comments.

Also, when do you really need to use apps simultaneously? And the iPhone can multi-task, you can talk on the phone and run apps at the same time, that's pretty much the only time I have enough free hands to run two things at once to begin with.


its a great ad actually. and it has you talking. so it must be working.


There will be people buying VZ's droid phones using dead end CDMA technology which is real sad but then why feel sorry for people who want to be sucked.


Well HKPhooey you've shown all us iPhone users you have the IQ of a 5th Grader and what does anything you said have to do with the Post? Anyways, for a "state of the art" phone, their ad looks like it came from the VHS been at Walmart.

I have no doubt that Androind will kick butt when it gets traction, BUT open source is open hack too. I pity the first person to get a virus on their phone. Remember no one will be watching their stores for bad software.


Yeah the ad is LAMe like the I'm a Mac ads. Screw Steve BloJobs and you crybaby iPhone freaks. I've beat up 5 iPhone owners so far... Where do you guys live? I'd happily shove your iphone up your ass. Have a nice day


What makes me laugh is that all these companies, like Motorola, pump out countless numbers of new phones every month or so and Apple makes just ONE. GREAT. PHONE.

Apple doesn't cram everything possible into the iPhone all at once. They painstakingly fine-tune and perfect the details and release new features when they are ready. And they work. I'd rather have an iPhone with a 2 or 3 megapixel camera than an Androind with 10 MP and an external flash. I'm buying the Apple brand.

Companies would do far better not to attack the iPhone because it's on a higher level than any other phone. A level on which they can't compete. They need to accept that and sell them a different way.

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