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ot all this starter kit and subscription! As soon as somebody else comes up with that, these jokers will be out of business for sure!


hi! ok its called face melter! @;-D and the main version is 1.99 but you can get the lite which is free and it is available in the 2.0 version

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I was wondering when i was watching the video of the iphone presentation there was this app that they showed were you can stretch the picture, make the face all deformed, and when you wanted to fix it you would have to shake the phone to get it back to normal? Does anyone know the name of this app?

Also i wanted to know what all new is included in the 2.0 update? besides the app icon?

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I like this application ,, Its really good, there may be other provider who provide same service but I trust apple most.

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Its a brilliant product i have come across. I realized that it is really difficult to concentrate on one when every brand is coming up with a new one almost every other day.


the app is only avalible in the US


The point is that as Reginald noted above, you need a way to connect to *some* kind of home automation network (HAN) -- X-10, Insteon, Zigbee, or whatever. There are a number of HAN hardware interface products available with embedded Web servers, like the Smarthome Smartlinc Insteon Controller. There are also iPhone apps such as iLinc and Micasa that can control HAN interfaces connected to desktop PCs.

Sturat Moseley

What a great idea, but surely something that just connects to your wirless network is possible! Not all this starter kit and subscription! As soon as somebody else comes up with that, these jokers will be out of business for sure!

Reginald W

There are other products that will allow you to do the same thing. The three main types are X10 (oldest controllers), Insteon and this ZWave listed above. Smarthome (http://www.smarthome.com/_/ProductResults.aspx?Ntt=iphone) has an iPhone/Touch interface to allow lots of things to be done to control stuff in your home. I'm not associated with Smarthome but have bought some things from them. Home automation stuff can be interesting. I'm VERY new at it so I can't answer a whole lot about it, but I liked the Insteon information and they have a box to tie it into the Mac or Windows and let the computer control things, and now have the ability for an iPhone/Touch to do the same.

Marc Battaglia

Oh man, that stinks. The monthly fee seems completely unnecessary. Thanks for the info though.

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