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Actually Joshua, Verizon's iPhone, if and when they do offer it, will have to have a CDMA/EVDO radio module in it if Verizon wants to offer the phone to their subscribers (old and new). There is ALWAYS going to be areas of the USA where they will not have LTE deployed and will need at least basic CDMA support. I have an Ipod Touch and love it, plan to get an iPhone as soon as Verizon has it. (also have an ENV3 and Blackberry Storm, good phones but just not as good as Apple's).

Nokia C5

I have an Android with Verizon, and it is not all that. Apps are terrible, to many force closes, very slow. It is just not the same as an iPhone. The iPhone is still 5 years ahead of every one else. Verizon service is getting slower and slower and customer service sucks. We need a carrier that will step up and provide the service. The iPhone is the best hands down.

Joshua Davis

I've heard many 'sources' and seen prototypes of the new iPhone for Verizon. Tis true for June. However, only limited availability because the phone must wait for Verizon to upgrade to their LTE (Verizon's 5G - faster than CLEAR/Wi-Max) network. The LTE network will first be available here in Atlanta then will follow shortly to other metros. I'm glad I live in Atlanta so that I'll be one to try it out. I'm glad my "New Every Two" expires in March so I can get a discounted upgrade!


maybe there will be a map and an app for that


I agree with all of your comments.. We couldn't kick A.T.&T. to the curb fast enough when our contract ran out. Spotty coverage, dropped calls, and problems with A.T.&T. made it difficult at best. Apple is limiting their profits and turning away "would be" customers because of the present contract with A.T.&T. I would not hesitate to get an iPhone if Verizon were to carry them. Until then I'm staying with the Droid and Verizon.


Honestly, if Apple doesn't do this, they are fools. They would be making the same mistake they made all those years ago with the Mac and limiting their market share for no apparent reason other than to NOT make money. We all know that putting the iPhone on other services is a great idea! Right now other phone makers are setting themselves up for a market share takeover by putting their products on multiple services. It's foolish for Apple to stay in bed with AT&T alone.


You tell 'em Jeff!!!!!


I think this is a load of crap . . . this same "source" has a bad track record with their "predictions".

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