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Good one, or how about; "Oops.. it's the BOD (Bluescreen Of Death) again, guess tonight is not your lucky night, sorry honey.." LOL

Flamer, you're a flamer right?
First of all, you shouldn't say "I can", but you should said "I don't agree". Because if you say you can, that means you're actually agreeing with what I've said. Duuh.!
Yeah sure a couple who love Mac will have at least something to talk about, so does a couple who like to ski, who like reading, or who like Italian food.
But imagine how enganging it is and how stimulating for a couple who tried to seduce each other to cross to the other side (from PC to Mac, or vice versa), that's all I'm trying to say.

You know who really lame and boring is? You, Joe.
You're lacking imagination and fun, can't you take a joke?
Or are you trying to mimic Apple's attitude when Ellen DeGeneres poked fun at iPhone yesterday? Lighten up will ya?


"Can you imagine how lame and boring a couple who both love to use Mac??"

I can - someone who assumes that computer usage defines a person. What in the world makes you think that two people are going to have all the same interests just because they use the same computer?

That's as insane as saying that two people who like to ski shouldn't date. Or two people who like reading shouldn't date. Or two people who like Italian food shouldn't date.

Clubs like this are convenient because they mean that the couple will have at least SOMETHING to talk about and then branch out into their other interests. It is rather silly to assume that two people would not have ANYTHING ELSE to talk about but the computer they use.

Bob Barker

Or, "Sorry honey; we can't hook up tonight because I have to reinstall Windows."


This is ridonkolous (read: ridiculously stupid like a donkey)..

Can you imagine how lame and boring a couple who both love to use Mac?? It's more challenging if your spouse uses PC while you're a Mac, that way each person will engage in a stimulating conversation every day..
For an instance: "I won't make love with you tonight unless you try to use my Mac at least once today.." LOL

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