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All the best to Scott and Megan!! I love mine - I can now work and talk on my iphone at the same time - wedging the handset against my shoulder for old times sake! You guys deserve only the best!

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Great Job Scott!


Great Job Scott!!! You have done many remarkable things with your great talent and ability.
love, Richard /Sherri Link=Essexville, Mi

Don Smull

I have worked for Scott, and he is the most artistic man alive. The Biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Scott and Megan.

Mark Busse

I love this product, but can't seem to order one from Canada. Can you help?

Sherri Wilkie

I have had the great pleasure of working with Scott on multiple projects over the years. This does not suprise me, congratulations Scott you deserve nothing but the best.I will keep an eye out for you on Ellen!

Michael McGehee

Awesome job Scott, Scott's mind is always searching for the next project. I had the privilage to sculpt for Scott in the late 90's. Scott helped develop my sculpting ability to a level I didn't know existed, but I could never accomplish his level of talent. He has a passion and love for art that I have never seen before. I promise you, there is not a better man around to deserve the recognition for this invention. Let me know when you get an appearance with Ellen!! Great job again!

sandy baile

So happy for you Scott. He has such a talented creative mind. Scotty has always put his all into everything he does. He deserves all the credit & attention that comes his way. I sure hope it comes to him in a BIG way. He is such a loving caring person who deserves the best!!Good Luck Scotty.

Frank F

Congratulations to Scott, a highly talented creative individual and truly nice guy who worked his way through some really tough times and never gave up. You really deserve all the attention and rewards. I hope you sell a lot! All the best luck to you!


Again, the iPhone makes someone rich just from making accessories for Apple's wonder phone.
But I'm more interested in what Ray has said about this retro dock:

"The design loosely borrows inspiration from the iconic 1937 type 302 phone created by prolific industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss."

Don't he (Freeland) got sued for copying a patented phone design without permission..??

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