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john smith

No competition? Is that some kind of a joke. That thing is the biggest waste of money. Android is such a better OS it's not even funny. Oh yeah, and you can actually make phone calls from it..... Who would of thought?

Cell phone tracking

I think most people would choose iPhone 4, it has no competition now.


It's the other way around, HTC has a lawsuit on Apple for infringement. All you Steve Jobs hippies can go f*ck yourself.


Why all the fuss?? Motorola's dying anyway- see below.

Just got a fresh rumor from a reliable source that should Apple win its patent infringement lawsuit against HTC, it's going make HTC recall all, yes all, the phones violating its patents.


Best thing about this is is shows how fucking stupid your typical floor salesman at Bestbuy is. Just regurgitating the same tired crap that actual smart people really "don't care" about.
Ooooh... HTC... "Bigger (but shittier looking) screen. Higher resolution camera (but shittier quality pictures)
Another Geek Squad loser (oops, I meant "looser")
But the video IS funny.


This is one of the most funniest videos I have ever seen on the internet. As an iPhone user, I still got a great kick out of it. And it really shows how much many people want this phone and how well Apple has created a brand that people want, no matter what it does. I think EVO users will like it to and it points out that it prints money. LOL :) Great comedy.

If Best Buy takes further action, people including myself will stop shopping there. The only association with this video with Best Buy is a Best Buy employee allegedly created this probably on his own tim)? Unless he created this at work using their equipment and network, Best Buy shouldn't have a say on what someone does in their free time especially if it is legal and doesn't hurt Best Buy in anyway.

Goodbye Best Buy.

Shock Me

Can he get me an iPhone 4 before he leaves?

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