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Never a problem with mine... NONE! I think most of the problems people are reporting are mostly bogus. They just want to be in the "My iPhone 4 won't work either," club!

David Ord

I returned my iphone4 after 28 days of dropped calls of every kind. Yes, I said "every kind." I didn't know there were different types of dropped calls until I started dropping 3-4 out of 10 calls on the ip4. There is one type of comprised call, though not technically a "dropped" call, that happens incessantly: you dail a number and it takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the call to go through to the point where you hear the other end ringing. Sometimes it doesn't go through at all; while other times, it would drop after 1 or 2 rings-- before the receiving party has time to pick up the call.

I ended up getting a Droid X, which works like a charm. Moreover, voice commands on Google's android system is getting more refined. I barely ever type into the phone anymore. I even store most of my contacts (names, numbers) by speaking into a phone rather than typing into it. Think about it: back to basics-- a phone is for talking into, not typing into.

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Well it's good if I people can return their iphone 4 after checking a faulty software inside it. People invested to have gadgets so expensive.

David Swanson

I've read these comments with interest because of the focus on iPhone 4 hardware. However, since updating my 3Gs and my wife's 3G to iOS4, we have both had problems with the proximity sensor, specifically, that either the mute or speaker is activated because the proximity sensor is not working. Anyone else experiencing this? It's incredibly irritating.


10 reasons Ireturned my iPhone 4.

1. Because of the faulty proximity sensor it messes up your calls
2. It was not compatible with nearly all my iPhone/iPod compatible docks and chargers
3. The service from my O2 network was terrible - I ended up blowing £10 on 3mb of data because of a messed up credit transfer
4. The micro sim is a brilliant way of tying you in even on a PAYG contract
5. Antenna issues - Yes, unless I held it very carefully it lost signal - case means it won't fit your in car holder etc !
6. The retina display - who cares I still don't weant to use it for browsing the web
7. Facetime - maybe in 10 yrs time everyone will do this but honestly can't think who I'd use this with
8. Its very expensive when Android phones now have basically all the same functions for less
9. Its ugly - sorry I just don't see the how this is a nicer design than the 3G/S
10. Its made of glass, I will never feel confident of walking round with a £500 item which if dropped or knocked once will
inevitably shatter.


I have had no problems with the antenna (mind you, I have the bumper) but I have definitely noticed the proximity sensor issues. I’m hoping they fix it. I have no plans on returning the phone.
I love my iP4 and very enjoyable with it, maybe you can call me fanboy, yup, that is, thanks Apple give such a fantastic Phone.


Steve Jobs doesn't care about your stupid complaints and probably hopes you go directly to the Android platform. Hopefully, you'll get your perfect Android handset and live happily ever after. Make sure you pick some perfect Android handset that will be able to be upgraded to the latest and greatest Android OS without having to wait a few months. Either way, Steve Jobs will go on his merry way and a few million more iPhones will be sold this quarter to make up for your one returned iPhone 4. That's seems like a pretty good ratio to me.


My ip4 also has prox sensor problem.

Works normally when using headset. Uses headset most of the time, but that needs to be fixed.

Brian M

Maybe not fixed for all, but fixed for many based on some testing 4.1 currently.

Until it is released and not fixed in 4.1, or someone closer to Apple HQ (Like Phil or Mr Jobs) says it isn't fixed, then maybe I'd believe it.

I'm sure this Australian rep has already been spoken to about talking about unreleased software ;) (Steve Jobs is one of the few allowed to do so)


At least two reports confirm that 4.1 will not include a proximity sensor fix.

"With iOS 4.1 in its final beta testing stages and about to be released to the world, it appears the fix will not be forthcoming when it rolls out to users." - The Next Web



choosing 'reset network settings' and rebooting solved the proximity sensor issue for me.

and the incipio soft shell case (subdued, handsome) helped me avoid any dropped call issues.

you gave up too soon!


The proximity sensor update is in iOS 4.1 which is likely coming this Wednesday. Your impatience is a couple days premature.

In July, this WAS expected to be the next update. But an urgently critical security hole was discovered in August, so Apple create an emergency iOS 4.0.2 (which ONLY fixed the security hole; the signal meter is unchanged from 4.0.1).

No doubt this also caused a slight delay in the 4.1 development schedule, delaying your relief. But it is entirely implausible to interpret an out-of-schedule 4.0.2 as the "next update" Steve Jobs was referring to in July.


If you have a faulty iPhone and both you and TimK do. Take it back to the store and get it swapped out. They will do this without question. Don't put up with a faulty unit and mope about - get it sorted.


Almost every call I make the person on the other line complains that I'm breaking up. I've also had complaints about people hearing clicks during calls that are inaudible on my end.

Like you, I also wanted to believe the reports were untrue, but this iphone 4 has some real issues.


My wife and I got our iPhone 4s on day one. I got a Bumper, but she waited, wanting a better selection of cases. Neither of us have had a single problem or a single dropped call. She uses hers for business a lot and has no complaints. Lots of conferences calls.

The Internet connection has been much improved over older models for us. I rarely connect to WiFi, because the 3G connection is snappier.


No...it's the phone. That's a complete bummer for you.

I enjoy using my iPhone, as do my two boys...But then again, we don't really use them for calls unless needed. (not because of anything other than, we don't).

But my wife uses hers strictly for business all day long. And she is constantly frustrated.

I think it depends on how much you use it. It shouldn't. But, for this model, it does.

Hopefully they can rebuild it, they can make it stronger, they have the technology...they can make it stronger than before. And you will drink the Apple juice again.



It's not the phone at all but the stupid AT&T carrier you have in America! I have had my iPhone 4 for 1 month now with only 2 drop outs in all that time, we are on the Optus network and I make at least 20-30 calls a day.

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