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Charles Pittman

I'd really like a bigger screen ,,,maybe a 4.7 ,,this 4 inch screen is very dated and APPLE NEEDS TO SEE IT COULD SELL MORE PRODUCT EVERYBODY I'VE CHATTED WITH SAYS THEY REALLY WANT A BIGGER SCREEN AND IM SURE APPLE HAS THE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS A REALITY THIS YEAR ,,NOT NEXT YEAR ,,,,IT RANKS RIGHT UP THERE WITH MORE BATTERY LIFE ,,,,and a lotta others are gonna jump ship and yes I'm considering it too

Doug a

Ray, following on from the theme of your last post, I to anticipate the arrival of the 5S I have similar feelings to when my first child was born, the sleeplessness, the anticipation the plans that I have conjured up in my head are endless. Frankly, if I'm being honest, it's a little bit more exciting than the arrival of my first born. However, I do wake up in a cold sweat worrying about IOS7, you see to me the Apple iPhone was a little bit like Brigitte Bardot, and original beautiful in every detail made me think thoughts that I never knew I had, and made me do things well, let's not go there. Every curve was beautiful from every angle and prospective the phone like Brigitte was a masterpiece. But, along comes IOS7 . The cause of many a long sleepless night in court in cold sweat. For the elegant beauty is now trying to look younger and compete with all the new kids on the block with their slim, elegant fonts and their flat looks. But what Apple doesn't realise is, although the iPhone is starting to age. We love it just the way it is. We don't want it to change, so if you're reading this Apple be mindful of the fact that beauty fades but elegance never does. So before it's too late, and before I lose too many more sleepless nights bring back Brigitte.

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