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This thing looks great for those who like to explore. Right now I ride with a Garmin Quest, Polar HRM and Shimano Flight deck mounted on my handlebars. I do alot of explorative riding and once I started using the Quest, I wouldn't be caught without it. Battery life is a concern, Quest advertizes 20 hrs and is pretty true with back light off but the comment regarding the 305 drain to 6.5 with cadence/hrm is a concern. Still eliminating the handlebar clutter/weight to one device with mapping is real tempting. Plus I get a barometric altimeter which the Quest doesn't have, the gps altimeter is pretty inaccurate and the Polar HRM with barometric costs over $300. Does it support multiple waypoints per route? Quest does, Nuvis don't, critical for programming in exploration routes.


He comprado el tomtom europa occidental,lo he metido en archivo para descargarlo en mi iphone pero no consigo encontrar el programa que ya he comprado i pagado con visa.qien me puede ayudar lo agradeseria mucho

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I found a problem with TomTom. Some times after using TomTom it seems that keeps running in the background. The problem with this is that it will drain the battery in less than 1/2 day.
The only way I could fix the problem was to uninstall the software.
Another problem I found and not consistently is that while working the screen shuts off.


TomTom iPhone App has a bug but I can't find a way to report it to TomTom. In Manage Favourites when you press Add Favourite and then press Contacts to try to add a personal contact's address as a favourite, if TomTom doesn't recognise the street number or other detail of the address the App crashes. Surely a simple fix for this could be issued in an app update ASAP.

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